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We believe all children deserve access to high quality child care, in nurturing and respectful environments.

CRR is leading the way through education, advocacy and resources.

For Parents

SBFCC provides a resource for all your child care questions and needs. Resource & Referral is your primary source of information and support to help you make your selection of child care a smooth process.

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For Child Care Providers

Child care providers have the responsibility to nurture and keep children safe as well as prepare them for successfully transitioning into school. To help you with this awesome responsibility, Children’s Resource & Referral offers training and technical assistance on a variety of topics.

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Latest News

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For Parents

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For Providers

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NAFCC Accreditation

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Santa Barbara
Phone: 805.963.6631

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Thrift Store & Donation Center
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Our Mission

The mission of Children’s Resource & Referral of Santa Barbara County is to develop strong and healthy families by providing education, care, and resource systems to children, their parents, and caregivers, with a special emphasis on low income and under-represented children and families.

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