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Agency Vehicle.
Hoping to acquire a Passenger Van that will be used to support our staff in their travels, to out of town conferences and trainings, as well as traveling within the County to conduct workshops for Child Care Providers, guiding them toward accreditation.

Tables & Chairs for trainings and workshops. We do not have enough chairs to accommodate all of the child care providers that we are serving through trainings and workshops. 

Family Child Care providers are welcome to come into our office any time during business hours, and use our teacher supply station to create fun and educational opportunities for children to learn.  We currently have a die-cut machine, however, the providers would greatly benefit from the use of a Cricut Explore machine that uses computer software to design and cut out materials in just seconds. 

Pay-As-You-Go cellular phone.  Our staff coordinate and host off-site trainings and workshops to Family Child Care Providers to enhance the quality of child care.  To accommodate the Family Child Care Providers’ schedule, these trainings are usually at night, and at a location away from our physical offices.  Our staff would greatly benefit from having an Agency cellular phone that they could carry with them on the night of trainings in order to be reached by the Providers.

Letter Folding Machine – It currently takes a lot of staff time to print, fold, stuff, and label each mailing that goes out to over 400 child care providers in our County.  There are machines that help simplify this process, so that our staff can focus on the more important work.

Lending Library Software Update – the current software program is from 2004, and would benefit from newer software. 

Spanish/Bilingual books for library.  Our library contains reading books for children, as well as educational resources for parents and child care providers.  Given our large Hispanic community, it would be beneficial to provide more books in Spanish.

Rack to Display Large Books.  Many children’s books are over-sized, which is helpful for teachers when they are reading and displaying to a large crowd of children.  However, it is difficult to store these books.  A rack to display them in our Lending Library would be tremendously helpful. 

Wireless Headset for Phones – so that receptionists can be making photocopies or over at the Lending Library computer, and still be able to answer the telephone when clients call. 

Language Interpretation Wireless System – So many of the child care providers in our area are monolingual Spanish speakers.  We strive to offer every training and workshop in both Spanish and English, which usually requires an interpreter, and slows down the comprehension for both languages.  The wireless language interpretation system allows the translator to speak softly into a headset and transmit the interpreted words to the foreign-language listeners, without interrupting the native-language presentation. 

Laminating Machine – Currently we provide laminating services in both Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. However, the Santa Barbara Laminator is no longer working properly and we have had to turn away clients from our Santa Barbara office. This is a tremendous resource to child care providers, as they laminate their curriculum materials making them last much longer. 

Plastic Rubbermaid bins for storing supplies.  We are constantly rotating and using craft supplies, as well as larger supplies for our annual Child Development Conference weekend, and our Starry Night Auction and Dinner.  Our storage supply closet is difficult to maneuver, and having some storage bins would help organization, and prevent re-purchasing items we already have but cannot locate in the disorganized closet.